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The oldest group of rocks comprising of Archaeans and Proterozoic formation constitute nearly 45% area of the State. The next younger formation of Carboniferous to lower Cretaceous comprising Gondwana Super Group covers 10% area while the formation of Cretaceous to Paleocene comprising mostly of Deccan Trap basalt constitutes 38% area of the State. A brief geological succession can be expressed as follows:  

Geological Succession : 


Period/Sub Period





Geological Formation


Associated Mineral Deposits




1 M.Y.




Ground Water


18 M.Y.


Laterite & Bauxite Bauxite deposits of Rewa, Satna etc.
Cretaceous to Palaeocene

64 to

97 M.Y.



Deccan Trap Basalt, Bagh, Lametas (Infra -trappean) Gem varieties of Quartz, Road material, Limestone deposit of Dhar, Jhabua district.
Upper Carboniferous to lower Cretaceous

97 to

320 M.Y.



Gondwana Supergroup Coal deposits of Betul, Sidhi, Shahdol and Chhindwara, Jabalpur, districts. Clay deposits of Katni, Shahdol district etc.
Proterozoic - III

570 to

900 M.Y.



Bhander Group

Rewa Group

Limestone deposits of Damoh, Katni districts etc. Conglomeratic Diamond field of Panna district.

900 to

1800 M.Y.

Kaimur Group

Semri Group

Diamondiferous kimberlites of panna distt., limestone deposits of mandsaur, rewa, satna distt. Lead-zinc deposits of damoh distt.
Proterozoic I to II


Gwalior Group,

Bijawar Group



  Chilpi Group

Rock Phosphate of Sagar distt. Dolomite  deposit of  Mandla district, Iron ore deposit of Jabalpur district (uneconcmic)

Minor occurrences of Mn ore.

Proterozoic - I

1600 to

2500 M.Y.

  Sausar Group

Aravalli Group


Manganese deposit of Balaghat and Chhindwara distt., Copper deposit of Balaghat. Phosphorite and Mn deposits of Jhabua distt.


Archaean to Proterozoic - I



Sakoli Group Bundelkhand granite



Pyrophyllite-Diaspore of Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur distt., Granite for cutting / polishing.

Older than 2500 M.Y.

Amgaon Group peninsular gneisses, Older granites and Migmatites.